Executive & Senior Management Coaching

You’ve got the skills and competencies down pat, now what?

  • You’re an alpha personality but now they want you to be empathetic too?  Moving from delivery to leadership
  • Gain personal fulfillment – it’s not about work/life balance unless you have a split personality – it’s finding serenity
  • Take time and space and time for yourself to reflect and create goals for changes that you want to make
  • Brainstorm and bounce ideas around
  • Have a trusted adviser to talk to

Project/Programme Coaching

Bona Fides has developed a coaching package that makes projects more likely to be successful.  We can coach you on how to avoid common pitfalls, make reporting more meaningful, and make project governance effective.  This package has been developed from comprehensive reviews of failed projects, direct project/programme experience, and general business consulting.   It is applicable across all project methodologies and makes project methodology training (e.g. Prince2 and Agile) more effective.

  • Project Managers
  • Project Sponsors
  • Project Business Owners

Consulting and Programme/Project Management

Bona Fides can help with your change needs.  We can either work directly with you as a contractor, or work under an “consulting” basis.  Under the contractor arrangement, we work with you to assign a specific person to a specific contract.

What we pride ourselves on

We have three key points we hold dear:

  1. Good faith by name, good faith by nature.  We hold our client’s best interests foremost through our engagements.
  2. Forthright but respectful.  We tell you how it is, but with respect.  All of our recommendations and comments are based on fact, leading practice, and direct experience.  We do not “make it up as we go along”!
  3.  Flexibility.  We work with you to get the outcomes you need.  If that means changing what we are doing, we make those changes.  You drive where you want to go – we do the pedaling. If it looks like you need to go where we can’t help you – we will help you find someone who can.